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Product Type Life Energy Shields Qlink EarthCalm Cooks Diodes
Pendants Price $79.97
Helps neutralize all potential negative energy fields, such as EMFs, radio, micro and other weakening energy fields balance the body against these frequencies and also balance all energy meridians of the body for optimum.
Priced from $79.97-$468
QLink Pendants with Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). They also report that these personal life-enhancing products help them be more energized, focused and balanced.
Price $169.00
When first putting on the Resonator many people notice a feeling of warmth, relaxation, tingling or lightheadedness due to the removal of the constriction of EMFs on their nervous system. Then within minutes comes an increased sense of calmness and well-being as people ground into the earth’s magnetic field.
Price $42.95
Digital drop crystal the diode formula has been applied on top of the crystal. The crystal magnifies the effects of the diode formula.
Home Protection Price $69.97
Neutralizes EMFs at home or work when attached next to electric breaker box switches (inside the metal door), computers, and other electrical appliances. The home shield will cover up to 2000 sqft in the home.
None Price $159
The Earthcalm Home Protectors use no electrical current. They introduce or modulate a "configuration" into the standing field in the home. The home protector neutralizes up to 2500 sqft.
Price $295
The Circuit breaker diode is designed to be placed on your homes. The 3" copper disc will neutralize the harmful energies emitting from your home's electrical wiring and the appliances running off those lines 1 circuit breaker diode is effective for up to a 4000sqft home or office.
Cell Phone / Small appliances Price $29.97
Neutralizes up to the heaviest mobile phone EMFs caused by cell phones and cordless phones. May also be used on digital watches and hair dryers, wireless routers, cordless phones, and more.
None Price $69
Eco Tec Cell Phone Protector. Protection from all wireless transmitters in the home such as cell phones, wireless routers, cordless phones, baby monitors.
Price $36.95
Highly concentrated diode formula on a 1" circle to provide a maximum neutralizing energy to counteract the electromagnetic radiation"EMF" emitting from electronic or electric equipment.
Keychain Price $29.97
Neutralizes heavy automotive EMFs when placed inside a vehicle.
None None None
Bluetooth / iPod Price $24.97
Neutralizes Bluetooth emissions when attached to your Bluetooth device.
None None Price $59.95
Super concentrated 1/4" adhesive circle of our most powerful digital diode formula and can be attached to even the smallest headsets.
Microwave / Appliance Price $49.97
Neutralizes heavy EMFs produced by microwaves, TVs and computers.
None None Price $34.95
All purpose diode offers a broader range of protection in the higher digital frequencies which are present in today's modern digital equipment.